New Indian motorcycles – the road is calling again

If there ever was a person who had never heard of an Indian bike, Hollywood’s 2005 “The world’s fastest Indian” movie starring award-winning Anthony Hopkins surely took care of that. For more than a hundred years, these bikes have been synonymous with high quality and speed. Being America’s first motorcycle wasn’t always easy – as any pioneer, the brand has certainly had its ups and downs. In 1977, it had reached the lowest point declaring bankruptcy and shutting down the manufactories only to return stronger than ever in 2011 when Polaris bought the brand name. Shortly after, Indian has managed to restore its full glory, now threatening to de-throne Harley-Davidson. Are you ready for the ride of your life? If yes, we are waiting for you at Okoboji Indian motorcycle store. Bikers or not - nobody leaves us without a steel horse of their own!

Official Indian motorcycle dealers in Iowa

The first step to buying a bike is finding a reliable dealer. Are you looking for Indian motorcycles in Spirit Lake, Iowa? Consider yourself lucky because it is the Indian’s hometown. No need to wait long weeks for the bike of your choice! Our motorcycles come straight from the manufacturer located right here, in Spirit Lake. No mediator, no transfer or storage fees – this is how we can give you the best price. Not only do we offer Indian bikes for sale, but we also provide our clients with original spare parts, branded garments, and accessories. Do business with us, and you will get impeccable customer service, competitive prices, and excellent maintenance.

Life on the road

A bike is not merely a means of transportation. It is a way of life that is all about freedom and pushing boundaries. Indian motorcycle is already a legend, now let it help you make your own history! Chief, Roadmaster, Scout, Springfield – choose the one that best fits your lifestyle. Make no mistake – these are not some rusty old bikes. They are classic models reborn into new Indian motorcycles with a hint of vintage. Once surpassed by Harley, these bikes are now beating them in sales mercilessly. And they are showing no signs of cooling the pistons anytime soon.

5 reasons to buy an Indian

So what is so great about owning a bike? If you are still in doubt, here are five reasons why buying an Indian is a good idea:
  • It is less expensive than a car (and much cooler, should we mention).
  • It is more fuel-efficient than a car. Thus, more environmentally-friendly.
  • It is easier to park.
  • It can easily maneuver through traffic jams and cut lines.
  • It makes you the center of attention anywhere you go.
Check out our extensive range of Indian motorcycles for sale at reasonable prices. We guarantee: fellows will be jealous, and ladies will beg for a ride! If you have any questions about Indian motorcycle prices, warranty, maintenance or delivery, don’t hesitate to contact us online or give us a call at (712) 336-6871. We are always up for a ride!

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